I am currently working on my dissertation entitled “Wayfinding Localized Research Practices through Mobile Technology” and have successfully defended my prospectus. In my dissertation. I seek to combine the various interests I have in research, mobile technology, methodology, and mapping into a framework for professional writers conducting field research. My experience in the field as both a graduate studying professional writing and an instructor of PW undergraduates in core (306) and general education (420, 421, 421y, 419) classes has led me to this topic. In my classes students focus on new media, technology, and research alongside good writing and specifically the way these new tools and ideas can change the way we write in non-traditional, networked workplaces. Being an instructor is core to my identity as a professional writer, but I also see my dissertation and my scholarship as important research for the field as a whole.
I have presented on my work as both a teacher and researcher at numerous national conferences in the field, including Computers and Writing, ATTW, CPTSC, and CCCC. I will also be presenting as both an applicant and an invited speaker at the international SIGDOC conference in Limerick, Ireland in July 2015. My work has also been published in the online journals Itineration and Kairos.

In mentioning this scholarship, I hope to show my dedication to both teaching and research as integral to my development as a graduate, and the interest that my work has garnered in the field of rhetoric and professional writing.

Dissertation Summary